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October 30, 2008

How much is that cat…in the window?

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I came home late tonight; had a good bit of fixin’ to do down at the ol’ castle, I mean church.  Dog was laying in wait, hiding under a blanket on the couch, ready to pounce as I came in the front door. Bark, bark, bark; that’s all she said.  Lady of the house asked why the dog was so upset and I replied “because I’m home now, why else???”

Then I saw cat. On the kitchen window sill, outside naturally.  I had not seen cat in several days; others had, but not me.  Cat was giving me the old “I’m hungry and you need to feed me now” look so I quickly opened a can of ‘Seafarer’s Feast’ and put it in a dish, with a side order of some kind of crunchy food and a water chaser.  Cat was happy, to be sure.

Dog sat in the kitchen, by the door, barking, as if I didn’t know that cat was right outside.  Too bad dog. Not today.  Cat needs his food.  It is getting colder now, probably in the forties, and cat has put on a good coat of fur. Once chow is over, cat will head back under the house and curl up by the dryer exhaust (we use a metal flex pipe, so not only is there reduced fire danger, it radiates heat for cat!) Sometimes I run the dryer at night just to heat up cat’s little abode. Hey, it’s just an electric bill…

Dog gave up once she reaized that I was not going to let her outside to bother cat.  So dog went straight to plan B.

Dog is taking a nap on the couch…again!


October 27, 2008

More to the story?

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So I have received a reply from a representative (albeit emeritus) from the Virginia Hunting Dog Owners Association concerning my last post encouraging you to get your dog a rabies shot and a license, as well. Who wouldn’t want to help fund the new adoption-friendly animal shelter?

You can click on his reply, which will take you to his website.  The group does a fairly good job at explaining their position on the dog-rabies shot database.  I don’t necessarily think the state will go to the lengths imagined by this group of dog owners, but then again I remember how I first learned about the dog licensing program in Virginia Beach.

As I recall, there was an animal control officer that would go around trying to find dogs without licenses.  He (or maybe she, I don’t remember now) would even ask neighbors if you had a dog, then knock on your door, asking to see the license.  Since the program was either new or unheard of, or both, most people didn’t have the correct license and were issued tickets.

Talk about a bad public relations tactic.  This was on radio, television and print media quickly and the spin wasn’t in favor of the animal control people.

So maybe this new program, enabled by vets whether they like it or not, is the response from that series of incidents a few years back.  I don’t know, I wasn’t there when they debated the bill.

While I don’t think the hunting dog owners will see all of their predictions come true, it certainly bears more scrutiny from the public. I will check my paperwork tonight and see if it says anything about how the privacy issues will be addressed.

By all means, however, get the dog the rabies shot.  We all agree on that one. But…I’m starting to think that there may be – more to the story?

October 24, 2008

It’s all in the marketing…

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So we get a bill from the city the other day. It’s a tax, really, but what’s the difference? The bottom line is that we owe the city $7.

There are worse bills. I can’t wait until the property tax, known as the car tax, shows up. It’s a separate bill from the actual tax that is levied on our land and house, which I consider my “property.” Calling something a car tax is too descriptive for our fiscal palates.  But this is a subject for a different post.  Back to the seven dollars…

Seven clams (not actual clams, now, but you get the idea…) buys your dog an official license from the city. The tax man requires vets to turn over names of people who have brought their dogs in for rabies shots.  Now that the city knows you have a dog, you get a letter basically warning you that if you don’t pay up, they will notify animal control officers.  We’ll pay, but no one likes to be hit with a new tax and a threat that the SWAT team will descend into your backyard by way of ropes hanging down from those ultra silent, blackened steal ‘copters.  You probably haven’t seen one, that is how good they are.

But as Floyd Kellum, Jr once told me, “Sometimes, it’s all in the marketing.”

The city could have sent out a notice that said “Thank you for ensuring your dog is protected from rabies. Since you have already proven that you look after your pet’s welfare, please help the city take care of other animals and pets that, for some reason, do not have anyone to take care of them.”

The note could elaborate by saying “By getting a license for your dog, you can be assured that all proceeds, less the actual cost of the tag, will be used to build and help fund the new adoption-friendly shelter.”

The truth is, a new shelter is exactly what a seven dollar license will get you in Virginia Beach, USA, if everyone pays it.  But no one knows about it because the city never really put much effort into marketing the cause. We all know there aren’t enough animal control officers as it is; no budget to get more. The veiled threat becomes moot.

So, for all of you dog owners out there, pay your license fee.  It’s going to great cause!

For you city guys, maybe you should have talked to Floyd.

October 23, 2008

If you need a reason to vote…this is it!

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So I thought, what makes someone worthy of my vote?  After all, I only get to cast it once every four years.  There must be some distinguishing factor that will help me decide who to pick.  Foreign policy experience? Drink a German beer and you can claim that.  Leadership? That’s only important if you can get someone to follow it.  Both senators can claim it, but partisanship prevents us from knowing who is truly inspired to follow.

No, there must be something else.  Of course!  Bacon it is!!!

In my neverending quest to bring you quality information concerning timely subjects, I discovered that the Bacon-factor has already been documented, in at least two legitimate places.  Check ’em out!

On the food website,, Elizabeth McNamara writes in her article entitled “Breakfast of Champions” that McCain eats “coffee, cereal, fruit” for breakfast.  Obama, on the other hand, eats “four to six eggs, potatoes and wheat toast, every now and then fruit, bacon and oatmeal.”

So it looks like Senator Obama is a bacon man.  Hmmmm.  Then I came across an outstanding website written obstensibly by dogs.  Http://

Barley, which may or may not be his real name – I don’t know, I haven’t seen his tags yet… wrote on June 19th, 2008, that Michelle Obama was quoted, while appearing on the television show called The View, as saying…”We’re bacon people.”

What more, my dear voters, do you need to know?  My mind is made up, is yours?

And whatever you do, don’t tell me you aren’t registered…if you don’t want to vote, I’ll tell you which countries will accomodate your choice and you can move there. Vote and be happy someone fought for your right to do so.

October 21, 2008

Fried piggie, anyone?

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A college friend of mine (the gun toting Quaker) sent me a note yesterday, after hearing that I really liked bacon.  He recommended a place in PA that serves bacon cheesesteak.  It sounded muey excellante!

So then I thought, why not a blog about bacon and all of his buddies?

This could be the start of something big…or maybe just higher cholesterol?

You don’t have to be a chef…

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So, as many of you know, my life is rather busy these days. The rest of the family doesn’t have it much better.  Nothing like being in a family of over-acheivers, that’s what I always say. You may be in the same boat.  With the economy the way it is right now, many of you may be looking for a secod job to help make ends meet.  In my industry (financial / investment management) many of you may be out on the street right now, sans golden parachute.  Somehow, I don’t think that the big guys, the empires, thought to compensate the accounting clerks, the admins, the cs reps, and the like with adequate compensation packages when they closed their doors.

So what to do?

Add garlic, what else??  While researching my cookbook, I came across a realization.  Many people have eaten my cooking and have walked away without life threatening injuries.  I am thinking of making t-shirts that honor those that came back for seconds even.

This blog format doesn’t fit a cooking-oriented blog, so I am looking at making this the creative writing blog, partial to dog of course.  I am also looking at other formats that support pictures (important for food blogs) and better distribution of verbage (meaning multiple columns) that make publishing recipes easier.

Who knows? Maybe you would be able to get that t-shirt after all!

Just add garlic.  =8>)

October 19, 2008

Dog’s quest begins…

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Dog is excited, for dog has found an opportunity to have other dog friends live at the house and share the same luxorious lifestyle she has always enjoyed.

Dog wants to be a foster parent for poor doggies that need good families to care of them.  The people that live with dog seem to be leaning towards it, so that’s a start! But first, man says that some “work” needs to be done at the house.

Dog doesn’t know what “work” is, but it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Probably something on par with an hour at the groomers?

“Step one,” according to lady of the house, “is additional fencing.”  Dog sez that a good fence will not keep cat out, but will help visiting puppies away from the street.  The street is bad.  Dog knows that, but rescued pups may not…and that could be bad.  Dog doesn’t like bad.

Man priced fence material yesterday and lady is working on budget. “So stay tuned,” dog sez, “and warn cat if you see him.  The K-9s may someday outnumber the felines!”


signed Dog

October 18, 2008

Maybe dog is a bit spoiled?

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The official arrival of Fall has come and gone, but today the weather finally matches it. Yesterday we had mid to upper 80s and today 50s to 60s with gray skies and scattered mist bordering on drizzle. A great day to spend inside…watching football!

While lady of the house knits, and I watch Ohio State whup up on Michigan State (now, now…I am not taking sides on this one,) dog sleeps comfortably on the sofa.  She has her blanket to lay on and a quilt bunched up under her little head.  If this were a comic stip, you would see little “z”s rising from her mouth.

Can it get much better for dog?  After all, no cat and no squirrel. Dog had a tasty treat of cheese bits on a plate, left from man made a quick snack of nachos.  Dog liked it so much, she ate part of the paper plate, too!

Dog’s tail is twitching now.  That means she is either dreaming of chasing squirrel again, or she just released something akin to toxic gas from her business end.

No more cheese, dog.


October 17, 2008

Cat wonders…

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Cat here. And I’m a wondering…

I wonder…

if dog realizes cheese isn’t suppose to be crunchy?

if dog has ever figured out that man puts dog’s medicine into the cheese?

if dog realizes that if cat stays on the perch, there is no way dog can get him, unless dog learns how to use stilts…

if dog knows that squirrel plays hide and seek with dog every day, and dog hasn’t figured out it’s a game yet.

if dog ever stops to think that all that barking doesn’t do any good?  After all, man and lady don’t speak dog.

Silly dog.  Go eat your crunchy cheese.  I have Seafood Delight…aren’t you jealous?  I would be if I were you, dog.


cat  :>)

October 16, 2008

All the yard’s a stage, and all the dogs and cats merely players…

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Dog looked around and realized that there is quite the cast of players in the yard today.  There, of course, is cat, who comes and goes as he pleases, as any good antagonist would. There are the supporting characters, rabbit and squirrel, who have their own issues and tend to ignore the main story line. And what troupe doesn’t have a casual observer, off in the wings? Dog sez his yard has not one, but three such denizens – big barky dog and his two pals, yippie and yappie. More about them later.

Crow is the bad influence, flying in just to stir the pot, only to fly away once things go awry. Naturally, the royal family that lives in the house deserves a mention, especially since they feed dog.  Dog thinks that is very, very important.

Last and certainly not least, there is me – Dog!  The star and hero of the story.

As it should be!

And so it is – sez Dog!!!

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