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October 24, 2008

It’s all in the marketing…

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So we get a bill from the city the other day. It’s a tax, really, but what’s the difference? The bottom line is that we owe the city $7.

There are worse bills. I can’t wait until the property tax, known as the car tax, shows up. It’s a separate bill from the actual tax that is levied on our land and house, which I consider my “property.” Calling something a car tax is too descriptive for our fiscal palates.  But this is a subject for a different post.  Back to the seven dollars…

Seven clams (not actual clams, now, but you get the idea…) buys your dog an official license from the city. The tax man requires vets to turn over names of people who have brought their dogs in for rabies shots.  Now that the city knows you have a dog, you get a letter basically warning you that if you don’t pay up, they will notify animal control officers.  We’ll pay, but no one likes to be hit with a new tax and a threat that the SWAT team will descend into your backyard by way of ropes hanging down from those ultra silent, blackened steal ‘copters.  You probably haven’t seen one, that is how good they are.

But as Floyd Kellum, Jr once told me, “Sometimes, it’s all in the marketing.”

The city could have sent out a notice that said “Thank you for ensuring your dog is protected from rabies. Since you have already proven that you look after your pet’s welfare, please help the city take care of other animals and pets that, for some reason, do not have anyone to take care of them.”

The note could elaborate by saying “By getting a license for your dog, you can be assured that all proceeds, less the actual cost of the tag, will be used to build and help fund the new adoption-friendly shelter.”

The truth is, a new shelter is exactly what a seven dollar license will get you in Virginia Beach, USA, if everyone pays it.  But no one knows about it because the city never really put much effort into marketing the cause. We all know there aren’t enough animal control officers as it is; no budget to get more. The veiled threat becomes moot.

So, for all of you dog owners out there, pay your license fee.  It’s going to great cause!

For you city guys, maybe you should have talked to Floyd.


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  1. For a review of the Virginia dog owner concerns with this “gotcha” law and the unsuccessful fight to defeat it, see
    Bob Kane, Chairman Emeritus
    Virginia Hunting Dog Owners’ Association
    Sportsmen and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance

    Comment by VHDOA — October 25, 2008 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

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