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November 2, 2010

And the madness begins!

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All across the globe, thousands upon thousands of would-be novelists are typing, keyboarding, hunt and pecking, handwriting, perhaps even chiseling on slabs of granite the “Next Great Novel.”

Yep. I’m one of them.

You would think after having tried this twice before, I would know better.

Seems so easy when you sign up. Just write a novel that’s at least 50,00 words long…in thirty days…for nothing more than the sense of accomplishment that it will bring.

Well, here is my status report at the end of day one: 1,988 words. Pretty much the first scene. I think in scenes, not chapters, by the way…

In the past I would publish each day’s efforts, but that caused problems. As the story moved along, I would want to rewrite or edit previous tomes, yet that tended to confuse those that were following along. So this time, you get my observations on writing, but the novel will not be delivered until it is ready. Let’s hope that is this year…

Anyhow, thanks for the support. I don’t want your money (unless you have a lot of it and don’t mind giving it to me) just knowing that you are interested is good enough for me. And if you are not interested, why are you still reading at this point?

Hmmm. And they say writers are crazy….


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